Poems,Speeches And Eulogy Examples For Funerals

Poems For Funerals


Losing a loved one is very hard.

Maybe a beloved friend or member of your family or close family has passed away and you now have a funeral approaching and you’re interested in memorial service ideas. Or perhaps you’re interested in writing a eulogy, or funeral flower arrangements, or just general funeral planning for this sad occasion.

sad family gathered around casket

Wouldn’t it be good if there were funeral templates you can examine or sample funeral programs that teach you all about arranging a funeral. Some sort of funeral checklist with eulogy and speech examples that tells you the correct way to send out funeral invitations and other funeral etiquette.

It’s a sad occasion indeed when a friend or family member has passed away and it makes knowing what to say very difficult, particularly when you’re one of the people who will be speaking publicly and paying tribute to the beloved person in question.

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poem by mary elizabeth frye

Fortunately there are some excellent poem websites for appropriate sombre readings.

Poems for funerals or memorials or cremations come in all shapes, sizes and flavours. Readings, eulogies, poems, quotes, verses.

picture of Mark Twain

So many popular poems are read at funerals. One of the most popular poems is the one this site is named after by Mary Elizabeth Frye. Some people even have their own ‘my family poem’. According to¬† funeral templates or a funeral checklist, in a list of funeral arrangements, in the order of service for funeral, there are funeral bible readings, funeral sayings, prayers for funerals and bereavement verses for Christian or Jewish funerals.

William Shakespeare

Is there happy poetry for funerals? Yes! Are there short poems for funeral services? Yes there are.

Mother in law poems, sympathy poems.

There are even cowboy poems for a funeral or service. Even memorial verses and quotes and remember me and remembrance poems and quotes.

photo of Mary Elizabeth Frye, the poet

There are many poems that you could read at a funeral. There are also quotes and poems because funeral readings can be religious or non-religious. It’s up to you. The choice of bereavement verses is totally yours when speaking. It just has to be appropriate for the sombre occasion.

What mood will you choose? Do you choose something respectful, sombre, funny even hilarious. Let’s be honest – hilarious rarely happens at a funeral but it’s always there as an option.

Uplifting poems, inspirational poems, sad funeral poems, readings about love, obituary verses, grief poems, family poetry, humanist poetry, poems for grieving,memorial prayers,short bereavement poems, mother funeral poems, quotes, father funeral poems, readings and poems for funerals, baby poems for funerals, poems for a funeral service and other popular funeral readings.

There are poems about losing a friend, poetry for mothers and eulogies, poems about family, Christian funerals and how to speak at a funeral.

Perhaps a mother has passed away so you feel an in memoriam or condolence poem would be best. Maybe a prayer for the funeral would be better?

There are books available with the most popular poems. Useful for readings, funeral prayers,eulogies and general funeral speeches.

It’s very hard to know what to say at a funeral. Such a sad occasion and the energy is very downward-focused. Would an Irish funeral poem lighten the mood temporarily? In some circumstances that would be appropriate. As I mentioned above, there are happy funeral poems too.

You would be surprised. There is a special energy of support in the air during these occasions which makes unexpected and pleasant surprises likely to happen.


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Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep


Thankyou for reading this page about Poems for funerals.


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